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    05 July 2016 by Peter Seenan

    MailChimp is an industry-leading email marketing tool. By connecting it to Leadfeeder you can see what individuals do on your website when they click through from one of your MailChimp email campaigns. It’s that amazingly simple. This article explains how to get started and what to expect to see in Leadfeeder.

    NEW: People Timeline turns MailChimp into powerful sales tool

    The happy news if you’ve never tried MailChimp or Leadfeeder is that it’s free to get started – and there’s no long-term commitment required.

    You can sign up without a credit card for the 30-day free trial of Leadfeeder Premium right here and you can test out Tatiana Bootie in Gold size 7 also in 5566575859 Raye 9) Raye CLfw8CcBC
    if you’ve got fewer than 2,000 email contacts.

    If you’re already using Leadfeeder and MailChimp you’ll want to see how easy it is to connect MailChimp and start seeing people in your lead list, so let’s jump straight in without further ado.

    To connect and start seeing this enormously valuable information sign in to Leadfeeder and make sure you’re using Premium.

    Connecting MailChimp to Womens Denim Drop Waist Dress New Look MEtqK
    takes less than 1 minute to achieve by following the steps below:

    STEP 1 From the home screen of the Leadfeeder web app click your name > settings in the top right, like so:

    STEP 1 your name > settings

    You’ll be taken to a view like this:

    STEP 2 Where the arrow is pointing you should select the website you want to integrate. In this example, I’ve selected Leadfeeder Blog:

    STEP 2 select

    STEP 3 Now click Integrations or Mailchimp Integration (it doesn’t matter which).

    STEP 3 Integrations Mailchimp Integration

    STEP 4 If you clicked Mailchimp Integration you will see the following screen. Click the blue button Connect with MailChimp

    STEP 4 Connect with MailChimp

    NOTE: If you clicked Integrations at Step 3 you will see the following screen. Click Connect Email Marketing , the lower blue button:

    Connect Email Marketing

    STEP 5 Next enter your MailChimp API key in the box and click continue . It takes only seconds to get you API key from Mailchimp and everything’s clearly explained in the screen below.

    STEP 5 MailChimp API key

    As with animation frame callbacks (commonly referred to as “requestAnimationFrame”) Preowned Leather sandal Miu Miu Qsrd6Cw
    , the programming interface component of this specification allows animations to be created from script. The animations created using the interface defined in this specification, however, once created, are executed entirely by the user agent meaning they share the same performance characteristics as animations defined by markup. Using this interface it is possible to create animations from script in a simpler and more performant manner.

    The time values used within the programming interface correspond with those used in animation frame callbacks [HTML] and their execution order is defined such that the two interfaces can be used simultaneously without conflict.

    The programming interface component of this specification makes some additions to interfaces defined in HTML [HTML] .

    This specification begins by defining an abstract model for animation. This is followed by a programming interface defined in terms of the abstract model. The programming interface is defined in terms of the abstract model and is only relevant to user agents that provide scripting support.

    This specification begins by describing abstract concepts such as Online Cheapest Womens Wide Alpargata Lightweight Slipon Shoes 45 Metallic Lands End Discounts Sale Online aw22C30Et
    and DRESSES 3/4 length dresses Blue Blue Japan 19og0paa
    and properties that belong to them such as their Womens E15 11175 Trousers Axara Paris 5ITEzvq0T
    or iteration duration . In addition to these properties, there are often specific procedures for updating these properties such as the procedure to set the playback rate or the procedure to set the start time of an animation.

    Where this specification does not specifically link to a procedure, text that requires the user agent to update a property such as, “make animation ’s Pants for Men On Sale Grey Cotton 2017 31 32 33 34 38 40 Jeckerson 31 32 33 34 38 40 Jeckerson 4Hrnl2O4
    UNDERWEAR Sleepwear Dsquared2 fYG6h
    ”, should be understood to refer to updating the property directly without invoking any related procedure.

    Further documentation conventions that are not specific to this specification are described in Document conventions .

    At a glance, the Web Animations model consists of two largely independent pieces, a and an . The role of these pieces is as follows:

    Graphically, this flow can be represented as follows:

    For example, consider an animation that:

    The first three points apply to the timing model. At a time of 6 seconds, it will calculate that the animation should be half-way through its second iteration and produces the result 0.5. The animation model then uses that information to calculate a width.

    This specification begins with the timing model and then proceeds to the animation model.

    Takes a moment in time and converts it to a proportional distance within a single iteration of an animation called the . The is also recorded since some animations vary each time they repeat.

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