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Again, as I said Preowned Heels Fendi 2xsiU
, we want to keep double opt-in as a way of demonstrating best practice. We’re aware that some email systems are aggressive about treating email subscription confirmations as spam but a check on Aquazzura Woman Zani Cutout Patentleather Pumps Red Size 385 Aquazzura WniTJ
showed me that our lists are ‘clean’ in the sense that less than 1% of all emails sent do not bounce.

We want to combine double opt-in with the checkbox GDPR statement as a way of both setting out our approach while at the same time having that all-important GDPR opt-in confirmation on the subscriber’srecord. Is that possible? Nope.

This doesn’t make sense to us. New members should know what they are signing up for and the inclusion of a field that does not adequately explain the ways in which we are holding data for inclusion on a sign-up form yet asking the person to check the box misses the mark. It is both anugly UX issue and, in our opinion, positioned at the wrong point in the process.

That’s tough because we use a third party to create the sign-up form, largely because the ones MailChimp provides are…crap. There are numerous suppliers of this kind and I suspect that each one of them has largely been ignored because as far as I can tell, there is no obvious way to include the embedded GDPR compliance field on a third party form.

However, the MailChimp member record does show what the member did to sign up in the sense of using a form or some other method but doesn’t include the double opt-in as a field on their member record.

UPDATE: MailChimp came back suggesting that we use a custom merge field for the purpose but warn that we are taking the risk on compliance. We are on the hoo as data controllers anyway so nothing new there.

We created a form that uses the embedded field that allows folk to update preferences. Creating this form was a PITA because you have to hide a bunch of fields from the main sign-up form in order to make it work. I can see why this was done.

It harks back to a time when people might have wanted to change email address, location or any other information for that matter.

We only want to use it for GDPR compliance so the only field I want to show is the email address and the checkbox, along with some explanation as to what’s going on.

That means anyone wanting to change other data is out of luck – the fields are hidden.

This is a clusterf*k of epic proportions because there is only ONE update preferences form available.

UPDATE: There’s no answer that makes sense in a GDPR situation because of a (mostly) hidden feature. I”ll post separately on this.

At this point in the process, I have a clutch of open tickets with MailChimp around these topics. I have advised them that they need to look at whether what they are doing provides us with the best opportunity to remain compliant in an environment where the lack of flexibility in handling an embedded field is crimping our ability to get this sh*t done.


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If you think of spaces as folders, then pages are what you fill those folders with.

In Confluence, you and your team can work on pages together. You can write at the same time, track changes, and give each other feedback.

Pages are more than just words: you can also add macros like calendars, activity streams, and roadmaps to create powerful and dynamic pages that let you plan events, track sprint progress, maintain a knowledge base, and more.

You can create a page from anywhere in Confluence—just hit in the sidebar and you're ready to go.

Parent page Page templates

Once you decide on a blank page or template, you can start adding content to your page.

Can't create a page or blog?

To create a page or blog post, you need the Add Blog or Add page Les Baskets sneakers Pierre Hardy qFgpoe
for that space.

You and up to 11 teammates canedit a page togetherin real time in Confluence.Changes save and sync automatically, so that everyone editing sees the same thing.

Invite to edit: Avatars

If you've started scribbling and you're not quite sure if you're going to do anything with it, you can just close the editor without publishing. Confluence autosaves as you go, so thiscreatesadraft–an unpublished page or blog post that you can get back to at any timeby heading to Your work > Recently worked on from your sidebar. Drafts display a draft badgenext to their titles.

Your work Recently worked on

We recommendonly keeping your work as a draft when it's in a very early stage. This is because changes can't be tracked in a draft, and you can't roll back to previous editing sessions - both of which you can do for published pages.

Instead, it's recommended you publish your page even while it's in mid-work, and do one of the following:

Use a Preowned Sandals Sergio Rossi oKImV8FXI
to mark your page:

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